KEI Space Design


Crucial to the success of any project is the setup and management, therefore, to ensure it has a clear and well defined scope, an established budget and a schedule to make it all happen, you can count on our very experienced team help you lay out the best plans for success.

We have the right tools, we have the experience, and we have the know how and our proven track record will show it.

The construction of exhibits is a complex process that involves a number of specialty trades, and experts in various fields that need to work together. Integration is the key word for success, and knowing how bring together the right people to transform the design into reality is our specialty.

Acting on your behalf we will ensure that the design intent is preserved in every detail, while also monitoring the schedule and the budget.


~ Failing to plan is the perfect recipe to plan for failure, that’s why our project plans are among the most detailed in the industry ~