KEI Space Design


We make your projects stand out by creating experiences that make a lasting impression on visitors using the full spectrum of delivery media.


creAtive direction

It all starts with a good idea! But lets face it, good ideas don’t happen out of thin air, they are a result of thought, understanding and vision. Many things are necessary in order for this to happen, we know how to put all these things together.
Creative direction is not only about this big idea, it also involves strategy and master planning; the reasons behind a big idea.

Though it is very important to have a good direction from the start. It is also very important to ensure that projects have continuity, cohesiveness and integration between all aspects. We are specialists in bringing multiple disciplines together to form one well rounded holistic experience for your visitors. with our team leading the creative, you won’t have to worry about.

From start to finish, there are creative decision all along the way, we will help you make these decisions to ensure the best possible outcome.


content deVelopment

Content development is not an easy task, faced with a world of information that needs to be distilled into simple and easy to understand information for a broad range of visitors takes very careful attention to detail.

Large or small your project will receive our undivided attention and dedication. We will work very closely with your team, key stakeholders and experts in the field to develop all content within our exhibits.

The stories are what our world is all about, we put every effort into making these interesting, engaging and memorable for guests.


exhiBit design

Every space conveys a story, every story evokes feelings, and every feeling creates a memory. Whether you are looking for a warm, comfortable rustic atmosphere or a cutting edge, dynamic contemporary space, our 3D design team will envision an environment that your guests will take with them long after their visit.

From macro to micro every detail will be taken care of. We blend a careful composition of shapes, colours textures into naturally flowing paths that will include diverse types of learning experiences. Diversity in delivery mediums is the key that we will use will bring your next exhibit to life.


graphic deSign

Not all graphic panels are equal. It takes the precision of a typesetter, the colours of an artist, composition of a designer and the experience of a storyteller to create meaningful visuals that will tell a compelling story that will resound in your guests minds.

The tone and manner, look and feel, design approach, mood boards, or any other tools that are commonly used to convey the aesthetic of two dimensional components, are only as effective as the creative mind behind them. Our years of creating beautiful graphic communication speak for themselves.


diGital media

In a world full of digital media, it seems as though a lot of people are asking themselves. What’s next?

We ask ourselves the question differently. How can we the next thing be used creatively in learning environments?

Our most recent projects have all incorporated technology in ways that are unique and engaging to our visitors, we look to reach out to all the senses and integrate learning with surprise and fun forms of engagement.

By teaming up with the most forward thinking programmers and researching cutting edge technology, we can come up with creative unique and memorable learning experiences for your visitors.