KEI Space Design


Our company operates as a size-to-fit organization that adapts to the complexity and scope of every project. Our primary areas of expertise in-house include but are not limited to: project management, three dimensional design, graphic design, AV interactive design as well as research, writing and content development. We also work with a wide network of strategic partners that have diverse specialty skills, these include architects, multimedia producers, lighting designers, programmers and fabricators.

Now that we have all the skills put together, imagine yourself standing on your tippy toes, trying to reach as high as you can with hopes to grasp something that no one else has reached before… That’s what we try to accomplish each time we approach a project, whether it’s by stretching the value of every dollar available, creating the new application of an innovative technology, or completing projects under the most unrealistic time lines.

Lastly, our most important service is service itself. We always go beyond the call of duty to assist our clients through the tough times so we can jointly celebrate the successes of each project.