YVR Pier D Experience

Vancouver International Airport
Richmond, BC

- Project visioning
- Creative Concept
- Design Development
- Production supervision

Strategic Partners:
- Ken Heit Creative

Team Members:
- Bliss Creative
- Eos Lightmedia
- Vista Collaborative Arts
- Kasian Architects

Pier D’s Digital Experience marks a unique expansion project at Vancouver International Airport. This ever-changing immersive zone welcomes visitors to an imaginary place inspired by the coastal regions of British Columbia.

With airport travelers often stressed or constrained by time, the digital experience needed to provide a non-invasive, relaxing environment accessible in short or longer periods of engagement. Collaborating with Ken Heit Creative, Kei Space developed the vision and storyline for Pier D’s digital experience. We also assembled a team of talented experts to bring the vision to life.

Mythical Island is organized by three core environments—Land, Sea and Sky—with signature animals from Humpback whales to wolves. Projection mapping on rocks and trees, massive LED screens, transparent projection screens, and special effects animations are a few of the techniques that blend with scenic details to captivate travelers. The space is also programmed to reflect current weather, and seasonality. It changes based on real weather patterns to create an innovative extension of what’s happening outside.


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