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Strategic Partners:
- Ian C. McLennan Consulting
- Bill Peters Consulting

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- Bliss Creative
- Jill Randerson Exhibit Management
- Playful Content
- Eos Lightmedia
- BBI Net
- Trivium Interactive
- Dillon Works
- Chicago Scenic Solutions
- Kidzibits

Lowell Observatory is working with Kei Space to solve the best of problems: more visitors than their facility could handle. As long-standing experts in the field, Lowell needed to expand their offerings to continue a strong educational mandate and public programs. The new Astronomy Discovery Center deepens Lowell’s mission of making the pursuit of science accessible to the public—with plenty of room to grow.

Over four years, we worked closely with Lowell staff to plan this new destination attraction. Along the way, our team considered core questions of outreach in science communication, including how to make the project accessible to all audiences with an ADA-plus approach to design.

The visitor journey spans three astronomy galleries, each addressing a core question: Where Are We? What Are We? and Where Have We Been? The Orbits Curiosity Zone extends learning about Space to visitors under 5, with hands-on interactives narrated by two playful characters. In the central atrium, the signature Origins Sculpture offers a place to contemplate the journey our atoms have taken from the Big Bang to life today, on beautiful planet Earth.


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