Flight Path Park

Vancouver International Airport, South Terminal

- Creative Direction
- Graphic and 3D Design
- Research & Writing
- Project Management
- Implementation Supervision

- Ken Heit Creative
- Bliss Creative
- Eos Lightmedia
- Three Dimensional Services

Vancouver International Airport’s Flight Path Park preserves the legacy of former CEO Larry Berg and celebrates the wonders of air travel. Working collaboratively with Ken Heit Creative, Kei Space designed and managed the project’s interpretive elements, with a focus on storytelling for multiple ages.

The central feature of the park, a giant elevated globe, creates a natural gathering place for friends and family. Here, visitors can take part in plane spotting, picnicking or discovery of the many ways that aviation connects our world.

Walking trails, runway paths, and whimsical paper airplane benches are a few features of this outdoor space. Kei Space also developed a series of wing-shaped interpretive panels that tell stories about airplanes and air travel.


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