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Interpretive Planning

A good plan articulates the vision behind your exhibits. Kei Space works with our clients to dig deep into the important stories of who they are, with a focus on community and conversation. We listen carefully, ask plenty of questions, and look to existing strengths and challenges of your programs, exhibits, or amenities. Most of… Read more »

Heritage Village

After a flood inundated Fort McMurray in 2013, the Heritage Society turned to Kei Space for help. Their goal was revitalization of Heritage Village, where flooding had damaged many of the buildings, exhibits, and artifacts. Our scope of work soon extended to Heritage Shipyard. Revitalizing both sites was an immense task requiring changes to nearly… Read more »

BC Sports Hall of Fame

When the BC Place Stadium underwent renovations for a new roof 2009, Kei Space worked with the Sports Hall of Fame to create two signature galleries, rearrange several existing exhibits, and improve the overall visitor experience. Since then, we’ve continued working with the Hall of Fame to update the remainder of the facility. In the… Read more »

Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory is working with Kei Space to solve the best of problems: more visitors than their facility could handle. As long-standing experts in the field, Lowell needed to expand their offerings to continue a strong educational mandate and public programs. The new Astronomy Discovery Center deepens Lowell’s mission of making the pursuit of science… Read more »


Located in the heart of The Shipyards, MONOVA explores the nature, culture, and history of North Vancouver. Our work on their core exhibit gallery brought the best of innovative design thinking to this community destination. Kei Space first collaborated with MONOVA staff and Urban Arts Architecture to develop a museum concept plan that would generate… Read more »

Science Interactives

Science exhibits are about doing, which means the body and mind are fully engaged. We know this hands-on approach for all ages, not just young children. With a background in interactive design—and partnerships with some of the best consultants in the field—Kei Space works with you to develop exhibits that crank, spin, fly, or flex… Read more »

YVR Pier D Experience

Pier D’s Digital Experience marks a unique expansion project at Vancouver International Airport. This ever-changing immersive zone welcomes visitors to an imaginary place inspired by the coastal regions of British Columbia. With airport travelers often stressed or constrained by time, the digital experience needed to provide a non-invasive, relaxing environment accessible in short or longer… Read more »

Children’s Exhibits

Young children are some of our favorite visitors. They bring curiosity, delight, and a natural sense of exploration. Our job is to meet them at every stage of development and capture their considerable energy! Kei Space advocates for children in every exhibit, planning according to age and developmental milestones. When creating environments for young children,… Read more »

BC Pavilion

The BC Pavilion showcased the best of British Columbia for the world to view and explore during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Working with Ken Heit Creative over a record three and a half months, we transformed the fourth floor of the emblematic Vancouver Art Gallery building into four distinct spaces. Guests entered the experience in… Read more »

Flight Path Park

Vancouver International Airport’s Flight Path Park preserves the legacy of former CEO Larry Berg and celebrates the wonders of air travel. Working collaboratively with Ken Heit Creative, Kei Space designed and managed the project’s interpretive elements, with a focus on storytelling for multiple ages. The central feature of the park, a giant elevated globe, creates… Read more »