KEI Space Design


Designing an exhibit is more than creating some graphics and furniture to hold artifacts. At KEI Space we like to think of design as the creation of an fully sensory learning experience, whether it’s learning about a product, historical event, or new technology, we always ensure our designs have multiple levels of engagement and understanding for a variety of users.

During the early stages of design the big ideas are envisioned, we open our creative minds to the most innovative ideas we can think of, we dream of colours, shapes, ideas and experiences that will become special “aha” moments for future guests and visitors.

These concepts will ultimately shape the visitor’s experience and will help articulate the elements that will engage, inspire and motivate audiences both emotionally and intellectually to learn about your story.
Through a continuous evolution of ideas that will be repeatedly evaluated, tweaked and improved. Starting from concept sketches and inspirational images, we will work our way through all the details required to produce all the necessary documentation to fabricate structures, build interactive elements, produce graphics, create digital content and install the final product.

All these elements are developed together and are carefully integrated to ensure the resulting product is cohesive and engaging. All along the way we work with our clients to review all creative materials ensuring all goals and objectives are met and exceeded.

Upon completion of our design process, our clients will have all the information to transform their projects from paper to reality



~Nothing inspires us more than watching people learn through the experiences we create~