KEI Space Design


The process of envisioning the future of an exhibit project is complex and detailed, our many years of working in the interpretive and museum industry have allowed us to create a fully customizable, multi-phased process to guide us through planning and designing world class exhibits that is informed by our experience working in the interpretive and museum industry.

Our approach includes collaboration with clients and key stakeholders, interim checkpoints, phase completion reviews and objective milestones that will be the road map to complete projects successfully. Knowing that every project is different we always create variations in collaboration with our clients to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the three main areas that are required for project success: planning, creative development and implementation, we are able to effectively transform unique ideas into memorable experiences that provide those special “Aha!” moments for visitors.


~Vision is the ability to connect the dots; the further apart they are the more forward thinking you must be to connect them~