KEI Space Design

NVMA Museum

New NVMA Museum Concept,
North Vancouver, B.C.
Kei Space Design was selected to develop a concept plan for the New North Vancouver Museum (initially intended to go in the Pipe Shop at the shipyards in 2012). Our group proposed a forward-looking strategy to raise support and visibility for the project, and included an innovative series of ideas for the future museum.
The concept plan was developed in consultation with the North Vancouver Museum & Archives staff, as well as other stakeholders. Kei Space worked very closely with Urban Arts Architecture to plan the interior space as it related to publicly accessible spaces, the interpretive aspects of the museum and the overall visitor experience.This concept plan included a number of ideas that were very important to the museum staff. These ideas are still current and are a very important part of creating a museum that is forward thinking, appeals to younger audiences and changes the traditional way we look at museums. Ideas included: visitor curated content; avenues for open discussion about current events and topics; modular systems that can be easily reconfigured and updated to keep exhibits fresh and contemporary; and innovative use of participatory exhibits that draw guests into the subject matter they are exploring..In 2016, the museum asked Kei Space to update the exhibit ideas presented previously to fit the new space identified for the museum. Working once again with Urban Arts Architecture, Kei Space re-developed some of the exhibit areas and created a new conceptual layout based on the original thematic organization. We further explored some of the initial exhibit ideas and worked very closely with the North Vancouver Museum to help articulate their vision.

In addition to the new conceptual organization plan, we assisted the museum in developing marketing presentation materials to inform the broader community about the project, its vision and the benefits it would bring to the North Vancouver community.