KEI Space Design

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray Heritage Village
Fort McMurray, Alberta

After a flood inundated Fort McMurray in 2013, the Fort McMurray Heritage Society knew they needed help. Since then, Kei Space has been working with them to undertake the huge task of revitalizing Heritage Village where the flood caused significant damage to the overall site, many of the buildings, exhibitions and artifacts inside them. Improvements to Heritage Shipyard soon became part of the project as well.

Revitalizing both sites was an immense task that included changes to nearly everything the organization and its two destinations offered to the public. Before beginning the revitalization process, KEI Space worked with the Society to develop a comprehensive Master Plan as well as a new brand and image that now communicates a contemporary organization with established historical roots, sense of place and strong identity.

To ensure the work was completed on time and within the Society’s budget, the work at Heritage Village and Heritage Shipyard was divided into various phases, carefully laid out in the Master Plan. Each of the phases built on the work of previous phases, eventually completing the project and shaping the experience.

At the outset of this Master Plan, we identified four phases to complete the two sites. Two and a half years later, after a huge forest fire forced the evacuation of the city, delaying project plans and causing all sorts of complications, our team successfully transformed the site into a completely new experience. The Society with its new look, new name and new brand will welcome visitors to the completely reinvented Heritage Village and significantly improved Heritage Shipyard. Best of all, Kei Space is very proud to report that the work performed was completed on budget.