KEI Space Design

Aviation Museum

Alberta Aviation Museum – Edmonton
Interpretive Concept Plan

The Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton selected KEI Space Design to assist them in developing a comprehensive Interpretive Plan that will serve as a guiding document mapping the path towards the revitalization of their museum. The plan addressed a number of needs and requirements for various stakeholders such as aviation enthusiasts, school groups, academics, researchers, preservationists, local businesses and residents in Blatchford and the City of Edmonton.

The Interpretive Plan articulated a comprehensive interpretive strategy that brings to life the heroic stories of flight aces, and showcases their most important artifacts in a dynamic, larger-than-life setting supported by a grand collection of smaller artifacts, memorabilia and photos. This Interpretive Plan creates a dynamic environment that commemorates the history of northern Alberta’s aviation in a respectful yet innovative forum.

As part of the scope of work, KEI Space assessed the existing architectural environment and prepared a few simple, yet highly effective modifications to Hangar No. 3, the home of the museum, to improve circulation and operational challenges within the facility.

The result of the Interpretive Plan has brought a renewed level of excitement and desire for a better museum to the board of directors, staff and stakeholders. The plan will enable the organization showcase their new vision as they seek funding for the future transformation of the museum.