KEI Space Design

why us?


At KEI Space we understand that technology is all around us, but more importantly, we know how to employ technology to create the most innovative and memorable learning experiences. By combining the use of hardware, software programming and clear experiential outcomes, we produce interactives that are unique and make sense.



When it comes to creative ideas, some people like to think outside the box. Our team starts from the fact that we never even stepped inside it. We apply our creativity in every aspect of our projects: exhibit design, layouts, graphics, copywriting, materials, lighting, project management, budgets, schedules, risk management and the list goes on.



We know through experience that anything truly is possible. Working on high profile projects under extreme time and budgetary constraints has made us who we are. Short timelines, complex information, tight budgets
and unique circumstances are part of our everyday and we know how to deal with them very well.



Quality most certainly does not come from quantity. We operate as a lean organization focused on efficiency, low overhead and effective and talented staff. This ensures savings, dedication, and responsiveness to the client.
Plus our low overhead doesn’t just translate to cost savings, but it also reduces our ecological footprint.