We design experiences
that bring people together.

Our Story

Kei Space is an exhibit design collective founded by Juan Tanús in 2009.  Driven by the desire to make a positive impact on our world, we create dynamic spaces that inspire curiosity and life-long learning.

We love to serve our clients and their communities. Our portfolio of projects includes museums, interpretive centres, parks, pavilions, theatres, science centres, and more.

At the heart of our work is a passion for storytelling. We design experiences that visitors can see, hear, touch, remember, and share. Nothing inspires us more than watching people learn in the spaces we create.

Our Team

We are a collective of experts. Our multidisciplinary team has worked on projects that run the full gamut of interpretive settings. Flexible and nimble, we deliver expertise tailored to each project.

Our head office is in Victoria, B.C. Our core group has been working together since the firm was founded. In 2012, we expanded our team to Western Canada, and currently have ongoing partnerships in the United States and Mexico.

Kei Space assembles each project team to meet our clients’ needs. This enables us to offer a broader range of services fully integrated through one organization. What our partners share is deep experience in the field and a willingness to go beyond the call.

Our Values

We care about doing work that matters. Our design process embraces flexibility, respect for difference, and the many ways that visitors learn. A passion for collaboration runs through everything we do.

We believe that every visitor is unique and each project is different. What we strive for is empowerment: connecting guests to the knowledge they need, and our clients to innovative design solutions.

Kei Space operates with sustainability in mind. Through digital collaboration, we limit travel and overhead costs. This means we can focus on what we do best–design. With the belief that our clients are always experts in their subject matter, we customize our work to stay in line with their goals, resources, and expectations.


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